Pinetop Perkins

Pinetop Perkins concert

After Chris Holmes and Alba turned us on to Pinetop Perkins last Thanksgiving, we went back to Antone’s on New Year’s Day to see him and Lou Ann Barton.  He’s the greatest!  Watch the video!

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  1. Anne Says:

    Nice video. He is amazing. I like the helping hand at the end.

  2. Erik Says:

    Respect! The Boogie Mojo man delivers another masterpiece. My hat of to Mr Pinetop!!

  3. Teri Collins Says:

    When he first moved to Austin, he lived at the apartments next to Ego’s and hung out there all the time. He is awesome!

  4. jman Says:

    Pinetop is awesome indeed! Yammer and I went to see him again a month ago on our anniversary, along with Willy “Big Eyes” Smith and Bob Stroger. Pinetop always has these young beauties hanging around him, helping him with stuff and doting over him. Even the handsome and talented musicians 60 years his junior don’t get that kind of attention from the ladies!

  5. Katerhiner Says:

    Bonny Joy, did you read that Pinetop Perkins died the other day? He was 97…I sure wish I’d gone to see him play with you & Yammy sometime. Heard him on the radio and he was great for sure.

  6. jman Says:

    Yep, Yammy and I were so sad. RIP Pinetop Perkins, July 7, 1913 – March 21, 2011.

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